“United Nations at 70: quo vadis?”, a discussion with Mr David M. Malone and Mr Margus Kolga on 15 September 2015

On Tuesday the 15th September 2015, at 16:00-17:30, the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute organizes a discussion at the occasion of the United Nations Organization’s 70th anniversary. The event will take place in the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and pre-registration of participants is necessary (kirsika@evi.ee). Please provide the document number that you will present for entry.
The discussants are Mr David M. Malone, UN Under-Secretary General and Rector of the United Nations University which is headquartered in Tokyo, and Mr Margus Kolga, Estonian Ambassador at the UN until the summer of 2015. The discussion will be introduced by Mr Lauri Mälksoo, Director of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute.
The questions that will be discussed include: at what state is the UN in the age of 70? What have been main achievements and failures so far? What are the current biggest problems and what lies ahead of the organziation? What is – and could be – the role of Estonia at the UN?

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