Karmo Tüür

Current position

Researcher, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, Tallinn

University of Tartu, Estonia:
Head of Academic Center for Baltic and Russian Studies
Researcher in Center for European Union – Russian Studies
Project manager at Institute of Government and Politics
Academic supervisor of Circle of International Relations


E-mail:  karmo.tuur@ut.ee

Personal History:  Born 05.06.1967


History and Poltical Scinence (University of Tartu)

Professional activities

Approx. 500 articles (since 2000) in Estonian newspapers Eesti Päevaleht, Postimees, Pärnu Postimes, Sirp, internet portal Delfi, interviews to Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish radio and TV channels;

Approx. 200 public lectures (since 1998) organized for students of University of Tartu (mainly about foreign policy and international relations);

Approx. 50 conferences, seminars, workshops etc (since 1998) organized for experts and students of University of Tartu;

Approx. 30 researches organized in Estonia and Russia (on Estonina-Russian relations, border policy, cross-border cooperation, social networks etc)

Approx. 20 lectures hold to about Russian internal and foreign policy (for Estonian schoolteachers, students, experts etc.)

Participant in dozens of Russia-related conferences, seminars etc

(Co-)autor and (co-)editor for 8 books


Language skills

Estonian, Russian, English

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