Panel discussion “Making the global Internet work in today’s fragmented legal and political landscape” on Monday, 19 September.

How does the Internet work, and how is its governance shaped? How should it be managed in the future as it continues to grow in economic and social importance? As the Internet continues to grow and transform people’s social lives and economies, its rapid diffusion meets the challenges of a globalized economy and is confronted with an international legal framework rooted in a much older conception of the world, based on national borders. How can we continue to evolve the Internet, how can start-ups continue to innovate, create apps and online services geared to the global user population and global markets, while respecting local values and legislations?
As Estonia prepares to host the 10 th anniversary of Europe’s prime forum for the discussion of Internet Governance – the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) in Tallinn, spring 2017, the experts from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), European Commission, the Internet Society (ISOC), the Council ofEurope, Tartu University and EuroDIG will debate these issues and propose ways forward.

The panel discussion takes place on Monday, 19 September at 15:00-17:00, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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